Sumit & Pooja

"We had left no stone unturned to ensure we had the best of everything for our wedding. When it came to photography, we were very sure that we didnt want the regular posing type of pretentious pictures..But had no clue who to approach..After a lof of search we shortlisted a few options - rajesh being one of them. We loved the pictures we saw at his website and were really hoping to have him over as a photographer. And fortunately for us it all turned out well.

On the day of the wedding he was there before time and he captured a lot of events which were happening parallely. He made us feel at ease and went about capturing every event. He didnt ask us to pose even once :) which was the best part...

And a few weeks later, we had the pictures and they were way beyond our expectations. Rajesh managed to capture so many candid moments..When we looked at the pictures the first time and every time after that - it leaves a smile on our face..His pictures actually take you back in that moment..We loved what he was able to do even in not such good lighting conditions as well for the actual wedding ceremony. I would strongly recommend Rajesh for his work and and he is a great guy to know"

Ahana & Tanmay, UAE

It was an honor for us to have you guys at the wedding. I truly believe that nobody else could have done such a professional and fabulous job. This is straight from the heart when I say that you guys were and will always be nothing less than family to us because that’s how it felt at the wedding. I felt like a family member was clicking the pictures, I guess it felt that way because you made us feel so comfortable."

"Every single evening I drive back home like Michael Schumacher only because I know Ahana is waiting for me with the TV remote in her hand so that we can watch the short video at least a dozen times. She doesn’t let me have dinner till we haven’t watched the video. I don’t complain because the video is brilliant and I want to watch it a million times too. Why you guys mean so much to us is because we get to relive that gorgeous day only because of the Bridal Safari Team. Without you guys, this would have not been possible. You guys are true magicians with your cameras, you know how to create magic for real.”

"I noticed how much patience you guys had throughout the wedding and accommodated every request we had with no complaints at all. More than anything we are glad that your team and yourself were a part of our celebration and family. You guys are truly amazing. Ahana and me speak very highly of you guys to everybody we meet and I have personally made it my life’s objective now to insist anybody I know who is getting married to only choose you for their wedding too. That is the least I can do in return for the happiness you guys have given us by capturing those beautiful memories within the lens of your camera."

Vasu & Varun

“I wanted to express my gratitude for what you did. When looking for a photographer, an important thing to me was to find a photographer who truly captured the emotion of joy, laughter, and love. That is exactly what we got ! Everything was happening so fast during the wedding that it was all a blur for us but thankfully they were there to capture so many great moments...Moments we didn't even know existed until we looked through all of our pictures. Thank you for amazing pictures and videos ! Great job.”

Pallavi & Murali, Wisconsin-USA

“I stumbled upon Rajesh's website while looking for a photographer to capture my marriage. I instantly loved his work and sent him an email. He was prompt, friendly, warm and ever so ready to discuss every detail. That said, he is a photographer par excellence! His work oozes with creativity and he does it with such ease, the guy amazes us. He is a thorough professional and made us feel comfortable the minute he met us. We decided to have our outdoor shoot at Gateway of India after the wedding ceremony. He was so flexible and welcome all our ideas at the outdoor shoot. He shot us while we were feeding the pigeons (a special thing in Mumbai that I have grown up on) and the photos are outstanding - nothing like I have ever seen! He has the gift of creating masterpieces with strong character and has beautifully captured all the emotions. Its close to 4 months since the wedding and everytime we look at the pictures it takes us back to our big day. His photos trigger off all the emotions I was going through that day - now thats how I want to feel everytime I look at them.Keep smiling and all the best for the future! ”

Katarina & Ravi, London

Rajesh is one of those charismatic guys who will make you feel like you’ve known each other for ages since the first minute of meeting him. He has a big smile and wonderfully warm personality and yet, he is highly professional.We had no references and we found his work on the internet. The communication prior to our wedding gave us an impression of a well spoken gentleman and we decided to ‘go for him’ based on those impressions and obviously the pictures from his website. And that was the best decision we could’ve made! We have met on the day for the first time and our positive first impressions have proven absolutely right. He was flexible, patient and importantly, he understood our requirements without discussing things in detail. But it was only when we saw the pictures, we could fully appreciate his talent. Words simply don’t do justice to his work- he no doubt has a gift and we are lucky he joined his passion with his work. Everybody who sees our wedding pictures is amazed, not just us. They were so gorgeous, we had a hard time choosing only some for the album! We feel we simply couldn’t wish for a better photographer to capture our wedding day.Thank you million times :)”

Nirvikalpa & Venkat, Mumbai

"Amazing, terrific, outstanding !!!…Rajesh is an extraordinary photographer in addition to being a very warm person. Even though we met him first at the wedding, he made us feel comfortable right away. His attention to detail was amazing. The pre wedding shoot at Bandra Fort was an experience which me and my husband will always cherish. He captured moments of our wedding with really brought out the story of our day. Thank you for creating a such a beautiful album of memories for us that will last a lifetime.”

Sree & Murali, USA

Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures. You captured the moments in all their true vibrance and excitement! I looked through the pictures very quickly as I was a bit busy and really liked them. Will have to go through them again later when I get some time and enjoy them in the spirit they were taken.”

Yogesh & Rachael, Vrindavan

“Rajesh is just not a photographer but a magician who turns all your memories so real. He is a great Human being to deal with and an excellent worker for his job. He is absolutely a great choice to capture the most beautiful moments of one's life.”

Monisha and Tito, Dubai

“What AMAZING pictures!! Rajesh, your work is just unbelievable...breathtaking. I find myself really lucky to have had you as our wedding photographer! These pictures will always be cherished! I can't tell you how excited I am! I'm at work now..and I can barely focus! :) I can't wait to go home and share this with Tito and family! They always talkabout you and they found you to be really charming andcourteous :) 
Before you sent me the pic, all I could remember were the stressful moments we had on our wedding day. But the moments you captured remind me of the fun moments Tito and I shared during the ceremony and the reception. The photographs you have taken somehow make me feel so confident and excited about our future. It feels awesome to be married to my best friend! Nobody could have captured moments of our special day as beautifully as you did.

I will always recommend you to anybody looking for a good photographer! And I bet they would too!”

DIVYA (SISTER ) Sahiba and Noel , USA

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of my little sister Sahiba's wedding pictures, they tell a happy story. Her wedding was so special to me and my family since she has always been the baby of the family who was about to start her own family! We had the wedding planned to the last detail and wanted to make sure that we brought in a photographer who would capture all our happy moments –and no one could have done a better job than Rajesh! From the minute he came home, his friendly personality and brilliant talent was apparent to everyone. He took the time to meet the family and friends and immediately assimilated into the wonderful chaos of an inter faith Indian wedding!

Through the days and nights of the wedding festivities, his keen eye caught the best and sometimes the most unexpected moments on film. Whether it was capturing my sister's slight anxiety as she was being made up for the wedding or my parents pride when they walked her down the aisle at the church, he made sure that he caught on camera the moments that would warm our hearts forever. His photographs come alive with the perfect light, subject and color – or sometimes the lack of color! Despite the extravagance of color, which is very evident at an Indian wedding, his black & white images are some of my favorites.

His professionalism was evident not only in his attitude and effort during the wedding but also in his follow up & accessibility post the wedding. We couldn't wait to see the pictures once the wedding was over and he did not disappoint us. My sister and her husband had many special moments at their wedding and are ever grateful that we invited him to make them truly unforgettable.”

Kavitha & Vivek , NYC

“His photography and his talent for capturing moments in time is outstanding.

Rajesh was creative and extremely professional, he made us feel very natural during the photo sessions, which took out any of the pretentiousness in the process of posing for stills, which made the experience very true to its context. Our wedding took place in Coorg- a place known for its natural beauty. We were blessed with amazing surroundings. His respect for light and shadow and his skill in composition of frames and his creative techniques in photo finishing made each photograph more beautiful. He captured the beauty and magic of our special day and succeeded beyond all expectations. Our special thanks to him.”

Ketaki & Aditya , UAE

“Rajesh, Loved all the pics...thank u for the wonderful memories....ur pics do tell a story n everyone at home loved the pics too...m sure v gonna treasure these for life”

V M Kumar ( Father of the Bride), Delhi

Rajesh, We are glad to express our thanks for such a fantastic photography services you provided during my daughter's wedding. Your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism were outstanding.

We would like to say that the photographs are fantastic and you have put them together so that they really tell the story of the wedding and we can't stop looking at it.

Needless to add that your service was excellent and we are impressed by your quick response to our phone calls and mails.

We wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to our friends and relatives.”

Ashwini and Max, London

“Myself and my husband Max were looking for a photographer who would capture the colours, the real emotions and different elements of our wedding. We were introduced to Rajesh and after browsing through his website, I knew that he would be a talented and professional person to work with. The fact we don't live in India meant that we relied a lot on email communication, and he was always extremely prompt in his responses, he definitely gave us confidence in our choice. On the day, he was great to work with, was very discreet but captured every element of the wedding and reception. Once we received the photos, we were really happy with the outcome, and putting together the photobook was great. We are very glad we picked him, and hopefully we will work with him again one day.”

Sanna & Ashok, UAE

“Rajesh, We and our families were absolutely delighted and very impressed by the photos you had taken! Ashok's side was also pleased that all the crucial rituals in the Tamil ceremony were well covered, leaving no central moments undocumented. I personally am very glad and relieved that the photos turned out this well (- not that I had any doubts after seeing you working), as booking you had been my call, and in the event of lesser quality pictures I would've never heard the end of it! :) I really like your style - I wanted to make sure our wedding pics would be modern, fresh, unpretentious and 'in the moment' - all of these things which you have managed to capture effortlessly. Due to your professionalism and approachability I also felt comfortable (being pictured) throughout the day, which made the big day a bit less daunting and stressful. ”

Parvathi & Vikram, Texas

“We hired Rajesh to be our wedding photographer and we were very pleased with his work and how the photos turned out. He is a good photographer, good listener and a very patient individual who is absolute fun to work with who can sincerely put your needs first. Would certainly recommend his work for anyone looking out for a qualified photographer who can pay personalized attention to you and commit to the moment. Thanks to you once again sir !!”

Yogesh & Rachael, Vrindavan

“Rajesh is just not a photographer but a magician who turns all your memories so real. He is a great Human being to deal with and an excellent worker for his job. He is absolutely a great choice to capture the most beautiful moments of one's life.”

Dimple & Naveen , Hyderabad

“We got married on the 20th of May & Rajesh did our photography for 4 events of the wedding, initially we wondered did we even require them when we had our regular photographer taking all the pictures of our family,friends& us but we still decided to call them for the events thinking maybe we'll get something different & believe me their photography exceeded every bit of our expectation. He was all over the place taking pictures of every moment at the wedding. Today we watch our wedding photos almost everyday cause its just 'US' looking so simple yet sophisticated cause of the skills & talent of his. Thank U Rajesh for capturing the best moments of our lives in such a beautiful way.”

Nithya & Sriram, NYC

“The important thing is not the camera but the eye.” – Alfred Eisenstaedt "Among photographers, Rajesh is a rare find. With him shooting your memorable event, you can rest assured he's capturing every beautiful moment. We had our wedding in Pune photographed by him and felt very comfortable working with him throughout the process. He is also very personable with a wonderfully accommodating personality.”

Sumit & Sonali, Raipur

That . . Was just . .

Timeless Artistry Etched to Reminiscences . .

Rajesh, You have engraved our momentary treasured happiness so Quintessentially . . that we can relive every moment through out our lives , Eternally , Forever . . Deeply overwhelmed , by the expressions , tender moments to Perfection !!

Feeling speechless a bit alexithymic at the moment !!

Apart from u'r Professionalism & Candid Photography . . Everyone at our family my parents really appreciate your approach, making us comfortable , the way you gel ,u'r simplicity , u'r nature. that was the best part . . Our respectful gratitude for u'r presence & kind efforts , being a part of our family. Freezing our timeless memories , Our best wishes to you , u'r team & your loved ones. Keep embracing lives , freeze their happiness . .


Stay Blessed !!”