Divya (Sister of the Bride)

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" They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of my little sister Sahiba's wedding pictures, they tell a happy story. Her wedding was so special to me and my family since she has always been the baby of the family who was about to start her own family! We had the wedding planned to the last detail and wanted to make sure that we brought in a photographer who would capture all our happy moments –and no one could have done a better job than Rajesh! From the minute he came home, his friendly personality and brilliant talent was apparent to everyone. He took the time to meet the family and friends and immediately assimilated into the wonderful chaos of an inter faith Indian wedding!

Through the days and nights of the wedding festivities, his keen eye caught the best and sometimes the most unexpected moments on film. Whether it was capturing my sister's slight anxiety as she was being made up for the wedding or my parents pride when they walked her down the aisle at the church, he made sure that he caught on camera the moments that would warm our hearts forever. His photographs come alive with the perfect light, subject and color – or sometimes the lack of color! Despite the extravagance of color, which is very evident at an Indian wedding, his black & white images are some of my favorites.

His professionalism was evident not only in his attitude and effort during the wedding but also in his follow up & accessibility post the wedding. We couldn't wait to see the pictures once the wedding was over and he did not disappoint us. My sister and her husband had many special moments at their wedding and are ever grateful that we invited him to make them truly unforgettable"

Divya, Mumbai

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Source: https://www.rajeshpande.com