Monisha & Tito, UAE

Monisha & Chandrashekhar-148.jpg

" What AMAZING pictures!! Rajesh, your work is just unbelievable...breathtaking. I find myself really lucky to have had you as our wedding photographer! These pictures will always be cherished! I can't tell you how excited I am! I'm at work now..and I can barely focus! :) I can't wait to go home and share this with Tito and family! They always talkabout you and they found you to be really charming andcourteous :) 
Before you sent me the pic, all I could remember were the stressful moments we had on our wedding day. But the moments you captured remind me of the fun moments Tito and I shared during the ceremony and the reception. The photographs you have taken somehow make me feel so confident and excited about our future. It feels awesome to be married to my best friend! Nobody could have captured moments of our special day as beautifully as you did.

I will always recommend you to anybody looking for a good photographer! And I bet they would too"

Monisha & Tito, UAE

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