Ahana & Tanmay, UAE

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It was an honor for us to have you guys at the wedding. I truly believe that nobody else could have done such a professional and fabulous job. This is straight from the heart when I say that you guys were and will always be nothing less than family to us because that’s how it felt at the wedding. I felt like a family member was clicking the pictures, I guess it felt that way because you made us feel so comfortable."

"Every single evening I drive back home like Michael Schumacher only because I know Ahana is waiting for me with the TV remote in her hand so that we can watch the short video at least a dozen times. She doesn’t let me have dinner till we haven’t watched the video. I don’t complain because the video is brilliant and I want to watch it a million times too. Why you guys mean so much to us is because we get to relive that gorgeous day only because of the Bridal Safari Team. Without you guys, this would have not been possible. You guys are true magicians with your cameras, you know how to create magic for real.”

"I noticed how much patience you guys had throughout the wedding and accommodated every request we had with no complaints at all. More than anything we are glad that your team and yourself were a part of our celebration and family. You guys are truly amazing. Ahana and me speak very highly of you guys to everybody we meet and I have personally made it my life’s objective now to insist anybody I know who is getting married to only choose you for their wedding too. That is the least I can do in return for the happiness you guys have given us by capturing those beautiful memories within the lens of your camera."

Ahana & Tanmay, UAE

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