Hello, I don't yet know the series of events that brought you and your fiancé together. But i would love to know about your story and I hope i will get the honor of capturing your special day in a way that speaks to the two of you.

My own incredible love story began the day I met my wife Pallavi. The early chapters of our story were rocky and included countless struggles before we could finally overcome them and tie the knot. 

I feel I have a unique perspective that helps me dive deep down beneath the layers and focus on the real magic inside you. I know there is something very powerful that brought the two of you together and have you commit to the idea of sharing a life together. You may not yet understand the significance of what you're undertaking but when I photograph your wedding, the visual experiences that I'll capture will become the foundation for the memories of this, the first day of the rest of your lives together.

I'll find the photographic beauty in every part of your wedding, from the early parts of your day as you get ready, to the sacredness of your ceremony, and building into the energy and excitement of your reception. And in between these traditions, I'll capture the many emotions as you and your your family and friends come together. And throughout, I'll be capturing photographs that will help preserve your day and serve as vivid reminders of what you felt every step along the way. 

For close to a decade I have dedicated myself to the art of wedding photography and to becoming a master of my craft.

Every year Pallavi and I joyfully revisit our wedding day through photographs. These photographs serve as a constant reminder to me the significance of what I am creating for you when I photograph your wedding.

I am based in Bangalore, India, but I'll travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding.

Featured in Yourstory

Here's my interview for Yourstory

My Style

In brief, my style has been described in three words: timelessromantic, and real. My goal is to give my couples the most beautiful and artistic photographs of their wedding, while keeping the experience fun, light, and not interrupting the flow of your wedding day. I limit myself to only 20 weddings a year in order to provide the quality, attention to detail, and individualized attention all of my clients demand and deserve.

Fun Facts

  • I have an eight year old daughter Pari. She is the apple of my eye :)
  • I have been married for 11 year now.
  • In my life before photography, for 8 years I had a career in Sales & Business Development. Now, I use the remainder of those finely tuned skills to help me manage the business side of my photography 
  • I'm a big foodie I'm always on the search for a tasty concoction that will shock my taste buds. 
  • My favorite movies are God Father & Shawshank Redemption. 
  • Xavier's University (XIMB) is my alma mater. A big shout out to all my peeps!
  • I love teaching.
  • I love to hear classic rock music. I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd & Led Zepplin.
  • Besides being an avid runner, I love playing sports like table tennis, badminton & cricket.
  • I have degrees in Civil Engineering & Marketing. 
  • I still get nervous before photographing every wedding.